Featured Partners

Midwest Energy Emissions Corp (ME2C)
Midwest Energy Emissions Corp (ME2C) operates as an innovative, research-oriented mercury emission capture company. ME2C strives to constantly advance the technology that exists in the emission control space to provide the best possible means of achieving balance between cost-effective energy production and the lowest possible emission impact on the environment.

Fujian Longking Co., Ltd.
Fujian Longking Co., Ltd., is the world leader in manufacturing and installing electrostatic precipitators, flue gas desulfurization units, air pollution control equipment, and other environmental protection products. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Fujian Longking engages in the research, development, and manufacture of its products.

InEnergy®, Inc.
InEnergy, Inc., provides expert technology evaluation services for the investment industry to help define and clarify opportunities in the energy space. InEnergy brings considerable science and engineering talent, technical insight, and financial expertise to the investment community interested in achieving superior returns and sustaining competitive advantage in their clean energy investment portfolios.